• Industry Oil/Gas/Petrochemical
  • Problem Chemical Attack, Corrosion / Erosion, and Concrete Repair
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To repair several areas of concrete because of direct contact with the chemical

  • Products Used CHEMCLAD P4C, CHEMCLAD SC, and DuraQuartz
  • Status Completed

CHEMCLAD SC Protects Concrete Containment Area From Exposure To Sodium Hydroxide

Wastewater treatment facilities use caustic chemicals in their processes daily. At this Texas facility, the fiberglass lining of a sodium hydroxide tank containment area needed to be replaced.

Several areas of concrete also needed to be repaired because of direct contact with the chemical.

The fiberglass liner was completely removed and the surface of the concrete was ground down to a ‘roughened’ profile. It was then cleaned of any loose debris.

ENECRETE DuraQuartz was used to patch all the damaged concrete areas. The entire area was then primed with CHEMCLAD P4C.

Because of its outstanding corrosion and chemical resistant properties, two coats of CHEMCLAD SC were applied over the entire interior surface of the containment area.

The engineers were thrilled with the outcome of this application in addition to the job being completed in one week,  on-time and under budget.

Project Images