ENESEAL CR incorporates a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors, UV resistant resins and pigments, erosion resistant inorganic fillers and elastomeric acrylic polymers in order to provide outstanding performance in all types of demanding industrial and marine environments. Easily applied by brush, roller or spray, ENESEAL CR cleans up quickly and easily with just soap and water.

UV resistant, liquid elastomeric coating system which dries to a highly durable, seamless, weather resistant, protective ‘skin’.

ENESEAL CR is a single component, water based, liquid coating which dries to a highly durable, corrosion resistant, elastomeric ‘skin’ that provides extraordinary environmental protection to metal and concrete / masonry surfaces. It can also be applied as a top coat over most zinc primers.

ENESEAL CR is a ‘surface tolerant’ coating system that does not require abrasive blasting. It exhibits excellent adhesion to all types of ferrous metal as well as galvanized surfaces. Mechanical wire brushing, grinding or high pressure water blasting is typically acceptable to achieve good adhesion.

  • Metal roofs
  • Galvanizing
  • Bridges
  • Tanks
  • Decks
  • Concrete
  • Pipes
  • Ducts
  • Wood

Technical Data

  • 20 kg / 8 kg
  • White, Light Gray, Green, Brown, Safety Yellow
  • Satin
  • 58%
  • Water based elastomeric acrylic polymer.
  • 12-14 mils WFT per coat. 7-8 mils DFT per coat.
  • Approx. 500 sq. ft. per 20 kg unit per coat @ 12 mils WFT based on a smooth substrate. Rough substrates will reduce coverage.
  • 3 years in an unopened container. Do not allow to freeze.
  • 4 hours minimum (16+ hours optimum)
  • 4 hours minimum (77°F / 25°C)
  • 300% - (ASTM D-2370)
  • 1,000 hours (12 hour cycle) QUV Weather-O-Meter. No changes in appearance.
  • Airless spray. Minimum pressure: 2200 psi Tip orifice: 0.031 - 0.037 and 5-17.
  • 2,000 hours. No blistering. No delamination.
  • 850 psi (ASTM D-4541) Wire-brushed steel. 900 psi (ASTM D-4541) Galvanized steel.
  • 1.14 g / h*m2 - (ASTM E-96)
  • Airless spray. Minimum pressure: 2,500 psi Tip orifice: 0.013 to 0.043







Note: Other colors are available on a “special order” basis. However, there are minimum / multiple quantity requirements for such orders and there may be an increase in cost. Additionally, due to formulation restrictions, not all colors are possible for all materials. Speak to your local ENECON Sales Representative for more information.

Due to monitor / printer differences, actual colors may vary slightly from the representations appearing in this chart.

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