The original Wine Clip changed what we thought was possible.The Wine Clip 2 takes it to another level.Try it on the same bottle of wine – pour one glass with.The Wine Clip 2 and one without…taste the difference.

The Wine Clip® 2 uses principles of magnetics to improve the taste of wine as it is being poured out of the bottle. The effect is instantaneous, and has been found by many wine professionals to result in a genuine improvement in flavor and mouthfeel, especially when used on red wines.

The Wine Clip® 2 can also help accelerate aeration, by drawing higher concentrations of oxygen to the wine as it is being poured. In contrast with most gases, oxygen is highly magnetically susceptible, and is attracted to a magnetic field. This is confirmed by testimony from wine experts that The Wine Clip® 2 often produces the same taste benefits that come from aerating a bottle of wine and letting it “breathe” for a period of time.

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Simply attach The Wine Clip® 2 to the neck of your wine bottle and pour. Instantly, you’ll experience:

  • A smoother, more balanced flavor
  • Softer tannins
  • In many cases, an improved, more open aroma or “bouquet”