DuraTough DP



FLEXICLAD DuraTough DP is a two component, 100% solids elasto-ceramic polymer composite specifically formulated to rebuild equipment prone to cavitation attack and subsequent damage.

DuraTough combines the superior strength, durability and adhesion of an epoxy with the exceptional flexibility, abrasion resistance and shock-absorbency of an elastomeric urethane.

FLEXICLAD DuraTough DP is ideal for rebuilding cavitated areas as well as creating or rebuilding flexible seals, gaskets, seats, etc, on machinery and equipment such as heat exchangers, pumps, valves and piping systems.

  • Cavitation Resistant
  • Requires No Heat
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • 100% Solids
  • Exceptional Flexibility
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Hoses
  • Damaged Sidewalls on Off Road Tires
  • Resilient Bonding of Metals, Woods, etc.
    Creating / Repairing Flexible Seals
  • Expansion Bellows
  • Gaskets & Seats

Technical Data

  • 25.7 in3 / 438 cc
  • 0.041 lbs per in3 / 1.14 gm per cc
  • 100 in2 / 0.06 m2
  • Two years
  • 100%
Mixing ratio Base Activator
By Volume 1
By Weight 4 1

Physical Properties

Typical Values Test Method
Hardness - Shore D 50 ASTM D-2240
Tensile Shear Adhesion
Steel 1000 psi 70 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Aluminum 950 psi 67 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Copper 900 psi 63 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Stainless Steel 850 psi 60 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Peel Adhesion -greater than 40 pli ASTM D-1876
Comparative Cavitation Resistance
-Frequently: 20 KHZ; amplitude: 0.001 inches
316 Stainless steel 60 microns CMDE*
DuraTough™ DP 100 microns CMDE*
Carbon Steel 240 microns CMDE*
*Cumulative Mean Depth of Erosion

Working Life and Cure Times

Ambient Temperature Working Life Initial Set Maximum Overcoating Full Cure
41°F 5°C 150 min. 6 hrs. 12 hrs. 5 days
59°F 15°C 120 min. 3 hrs. 8 hrs. 4 days
77°F 25°C 60 min. 2 hrs. 6 hrs. 3 days
86°F 30°C 45 min. 90 min. 4 hrs. 36 hrs.

Chemical Resistance

Acetic acid (10%) NR Methanol NR
Ammonium hydroxide (10%) G Mineral Oil G
Ammonium hydroxide (30%) NR Oxalic acid G
Butyl cellosolve NR Phosphoric acid (10%) G
Ethanol NR Phosphoric acid (50%) NR
Ethanol glycol G Sodium hydroxide (10%) EX
Hexane G Sodium hydroxide (50%) EX
Hydrochloric acid (10%) G Sulfuric acid (10%) G
Isoprophyl alcohol G Toluene NR
MEK NR Trichloroethylene NR

EX - Suitable for most applications including immersion
G - Suitable for intermittent contact, splashes, etc.
NR - Not Recommended

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