• Industry Power
  • Problem Safety Surfacing
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To construct a completely new step landing at the station

  • Products Used DuraQuartz
  • Status Completed

Nuclear Station chooses ENECRETE DuraQuartz to solve potential safety problem quickly, easily and cost effectively.

ENECON North East’s technical crew has successfully tackled some of the most Difficult repair problems at a number of nuclear power plants throughout the northeastern U.S.

However, the repair highlighted in this report submitted by Bill Woods, V.P. Of Engineering for ENECON North East, illustrates how the right material with the right field engineering back-up can make even every day maintenance problems disappear.

Here, DuraQuartz was used to construct a completely new step landing at the station.

Traditional repairs would have necessitated chopping out the base and re-pouring a new slab.

This would have required at least 2 days of back breaking labor.

The nuclear plant’s engineers completed this project with DuraQuartz in just a few hours at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional repair procedures.

ENECRETE DuraQuartz can be a Safety Engineer’s best friend.

Project Images