• Industry Water/Waste water/Desalination
  • Problem Chemical Attack, Concrete Repair, and Floor Protection Systems
  • Country Cyprus
  • Project Goal

    Repair & Protect

  • Products Used CHEMCLAD P4C, CHEMCLAD XC, and DuraFill
  • Status Completed

Cyprus has over reliance in the past years in desalination plants. These plants work 24/7 and their operation requires the use of aggressive chemicals.

Owners of one of these plants, entrusted our company for the complete overhaul of an area that experienced advanced chemical attack and concrete corrosion. The final coating needed to be so strong that could sustain sulfuric acid even at 98%! ENECON Mesogios proposed CHEMCLAD XC. CHEMCLAD XC is a two component high performance polymer by ENECON that has extreme chemical resistance.

This project duration was for seven days and required planning and good communication with the plant. The plant’s engineers were very cooperative and together with our people all contributed to a great outcome i.e. the full repair and protection of this damaged area.

Our works included:

  1. Existing s/steel tank removed from the base by client
  2. Cleaning and hydro blasting of area
  3. Grit blasting to remove the more persistent dirt and old paints.
  4. Application of ENECRETE DuraFill by brush and rollers to prime and seal all areas.
  5. Mix DuraFill with local aggregate in order to achieve a liquid enough mortar to still be self leveled but stiff enough to be workable by spatula.
  6. Let cure overnight and sand down any imperfections and unwanted edges.
  7. Application of one layer of CHEMCLAD P4C (Primer for cement) in order to enhance adhesion between the surface and the final coating i.e .CHEMCLAD XC.
  8. As soon as the P4C was just tacky, our crew applied two coats of CHEMCLAD XC by rollers and brushes. The results were amazing and client was impressed by the reduced downtime as well compared to cement based products.


Before Work

After blasting & Rebuilding works

After Work