• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Floor Protection Systems and Safety Surfacing
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To eliminate the risk of slipping at workplace

  • Products Used CHEMCLAD SC
  • Status Completed

Bio solids Processing Facility In Florida Eliminates Workplace Hazard With ENECON’s Slip Resistant System

A large bio solids processing facility in southwest Florida tried several different types of slip resistant systems over the years, which all failed. This facility uses tremendous amounts of water in their process along with water soluble polymers.

The polymers are spray-applied using an atomising spray nozzle. The mist from the spray drifts and settles on the surrounding nearby steps and floors, which caused extremely slippery conditions. Preventing a hazardous work environment is a top priority for the facility managers.

In-house personnel, along with the technical support and guidance from the local ENECON Field Engineering Specialist, used an ENECON slip resistant system to complete this project.

The floor and step areas were roughened and a degreaser was used. All existing polymer spray residue was removed and the floor was taped off to create the desired lines for the high traffic slip resistant area.

CHEMCLAD SC in haze gray and safety yellow were used with a 60 grit aggregate. After the tape was removed, a leaf blower was used to remove the excess, unused aggregate.

Management was so happy with the customer service and products used in this application that they already decided to use the same system in several other locations, including future plant upgrades.

Project Images