The FUEL BUDDY® magnetic fuel treatment system is specifically designed to reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions and improve engine efficiency in virtually all types of vehicles.

Our commercially proven, patented design employs a multi-pole, multi-axial magnetic circuit to treat fuel as it moves through the fuel line toward the combustion point.

  • Reduce/Eliminate Mineral Scale Build-Up
  • Non-Chemical – 100% Environmentally Safe
  • Proven Magnetic Fluid Treatment Technology
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency/Reduce Emissions
  • Autos, Trucks, Motorhomes, Boats and Planes
  • For Gasoline, Diesel
  • No Tools Required, Simply Attach to Accessible Fuel Line
  • Marine & Aviation Fuel, Heating Oil (Furnaces)

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Use Fuel Buddy anywhere cleaner, more efficient burning fuel is desired.

Magnetic fuel conditioning is used in virtually every area – personal cars, taxi, bus and truck fleets – even motorcycles and airplanes – anywhere better mileage and cleaner burning fuel is desired.