• Industry Water/Waste water/Desalination
  • Problem Chemical Attack, Corrosion / Erosion, Concrete Repair, and Safety Surfacing
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    Repair and Protect

  • Products Used CHEMCLAD SC and DuraFill
  • Status Completed

At a northern California wastewater treatment facility this 40 year old industrial locker room sink was in a state of disrepair. Sinks like this are preferred at such facilities because of their size and long term durability. After 40 years in use the inside of the sink was worn down to the aggregate. The maintenance engineers at the facility were quoted over $5,000 for a replacement sink.

That’s when ENECON NorCal was called in to help prescribe a more cost effective solution. After wire wheel surface preparation as well as the use of heat lamps for a few days to dry out the substrate, the repair consisted of DuraFill to wet out and prime the entire surface. Then DuraFill with fine quartz sand was used to fill in the voids. A third application of DuraFill was completed to level any uneven areas in the sink.

Finally, 3 coats of CHEMCLAD SC in tan were applied. The sink looks like new and the customer is thrilled with the results. More sink ‘rescue’ applications will be performed at this and other facilities in the near future. The cost of this project was aproximately $1,250 in material and labor. That’s 25% of the replacement cost of the sink.

Before Work

After Cleaning

After Work