Chemical Engineer-Larnaca Sewerage and Drainage Board

The Larnaca Sewerage Board’s (LSDB) primary mission is to consistently enforce those Legislations which ensure the construction, operation and management of the sewerage system of the wider Larnaca area, thus contributing to the improvement of the residents’ quality of life, always aiming at optimizing and making full use of renewable energy sources such as reusing recycled water and bio-sludge.
Over the past years, ENECON Mesogios Ltd has provided us solutions on numerous projects with issues on corrosion, chemical attack, leaking pipes as well as moisture from hydrostatic pressure. Our latest project involves the complete overhaul of a Wet Well pumping station within Larnaca municipality sewerage limits. Works involved repairing of wall lining using high-performance polymer resins followed by applying multiple coats of CHEMCLAD GP by ENECON USA, a coating that can protect structures from an aggressive chemical environment.
Our collaboration has been great so far and we would definitely reach out for their services in the future.


O&M Mechanical Engineer

MN Limassol Water Co. Ltd. Owns, operates and maintains a SWRO Desalination plant located in Episkopi Limassol. It is a sea water reverse-osmosis desalination plant, with a capacity of 40,000 cubic meters per day.
The Plant is located by the sea, thus corrosion is a major problem to our machines and equipment such as motors, transformers, chemical tanks and steel structures etc.
Over the years, we have received repair and maintenance solutions by the ENECON Mesogios team for metal anti corrosion works as well as concrete repair and protective works protecting well as prolonging the life span of our plant equipment.
We continue to work with them since we receive excellent service and support with using good quality products.


Mechanical Engineer

Remedica is a pharmaceutical company located in Cyprus, which exports high-quality, safe and efficacious pharmaceutical products counted more than 350 and exports in more than 160 countries. Production takes place in Limassol with more than 800 employed personnel.
Striving to always keep our machinery and equipment at top operational mode, we invest in servicing and maintaining them. Projects we have worked with ENECON Mesogios Ltd, involved corrosion protection for our machinery exposed to environmental forces.
We couldn’t be more satisfied with the service provided by ENECON Mesogios’ team and happy to receive a report for each of the project’s completion together with the warranty.


Structural - Civil Engineers, Cyprus

Since 2008, Andreas Theodotou L.L.C. , has been providing consulting Civil Engineer services in Cyprus. We have worked on many occasions with ENECON Mesogios team and we can certainly state that the service provided is top-rated and the products used are of high performance. Roof waterproofing, concrete repairs and protection, moisture are amongst the issues tackled during our cooperation. We would strongly recommend this company and its products for either new building structures or existing that require renovation.


Operations Manager, The Mall Of Cyprus

Located at the Shacolas Emporium Park, the Mall of Cyprus is a modern shopping complex hosting an attractive mix of retail stores and international clothing, apparel as well as food & beverage brands. It is widely recognized as the top retail and entertainment destination in Cyprus with over 6 million visitors per year.
Repairing and maintaining our buildings and structures has always been in our top priorities, in order to be able to provide our visitors with superb experience in a safe environment.
Since 2016, ENECON Mesogios Ltd has been providing us with solutions to some of our most challenging cases. The products used by the company are of top quality and the crew is always willing to go a step further in order to meet our demands. Concrete repairs, Metal corrosion protection, Waterproofing, Moisture, Heavy traffic are some of the issues addressed. We would strongly recommend ENECON Mesogios for their technical skills and quality products used.