The original Wine Clip changed what we thought was possible.The Wine Clip 2 takes it to another level.Try it on the same bottle of wine – pour one glass with.The Wine Clip 2 and one without…taste the difference. The Wine Clip® 2 uses principles of magnetics to improve the taste of wine as it is being poured out of the bottle. The effect is instantaneous, and has been found by many wine professionals to result in a genuine improvement in flavor and mouthfeel, especially when used on red wines. The Wine Clip® 2 The Wine Clip® 2 can also help… Read more

When a fluid (water, fuel) is passed through a properly aligned magnetic field, changes occur in the fluid on a molecular level. In water, the random bonding of scale-forming molecules is prevented. Because of this, the scale forming molecules are kept in suspension, producing a soft water effect.… Read more

The FUEL BUDDY® magnetic fuel treatment system is specifically designed to reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions and improve engine efficiency in virtually all types of vehicles. Our commercially proven, patented design employs a multi-pole, multi-axial magnetic circuit to treat fuel as it moves through the fuel line toward the combustion point.… Read more