DuraQuartz LW


ENECRETE DuraQuartz LW is a light weight aggregate version for vertical and overhead surfaces.

ENECRETE DuraQuartz LW is a three component, 100% solids, concrete repair compound specifically formulated and precisely engineered to provide solutions to even the most difficult concrete repair and protection problems.

ENECRETE DuraQuartz LW is extremely versatile. It can be mixed to any consistency – from a viscous liquid to a stiff mortar. DuraQuartz LW is not only for concrete; it will bond to marble, stone, slate, terrazzo, tiles,…even metal!

  • Extraordinary Adhesion
  • Outstanding Compressive Strength
  • 100% Solids
  • Safe & Simple To Use
  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble
  • Tiles
  • Stone & Wood
  • Metal
  • Slate

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Technical Data

  • 400 in3 / 6,550 cc
  • 0.027 lbs per in3 / 0.74 gm per cc
  • 12 ft2 / 1.1 m2
  • Indefinite
  • 100%
Mixing ratio Base Activator
By Volume 5 2
By Weight 2.4 1

Physical Properties

Typical Values Test Method
Compressive strength 5,000 psi 350 kg/cm2 ASTM C-109
Hardness - Shore D 57 ASTM D-2240
Elcometer adhesion - to cementitious and mineral type substrates is generally greater than the cohesive strength of such materials.

Cure Times

Ambient Temperature Working Life Light Load Full Mechanical Chemical Immersion
41°F 5°C 3 hrs. 3 days 7 days 10 days
59°F 15°C 90 min. 6 hrs. 36 hrs. 7 days
77°F 25°C 60 min. 4 hrs. 24 hrs. 4 days
86°F 30°C 30 min. 3 hrs. 16 hrs. 3 days

Chemical Resistance

Acetic acid (0-5%) EX Methyl alcohol G
Acetone G Methyl ethyl ketone G
Ammonia solution EX Nitric acid (0-10%) G
Aviation fuel EX Palmitic Acid EX
Butyl alcohol G Phosphoric acid (0-5%) EX
Calcium chloride EX Phosphoric acid (5-10%) G
Crude oil EX Potassium chloride EX
Diesel fuel EX Propyl alcohol G
Ethyl alcohol G Sodium chloride EX
Gasoline EX Sodium hydroxide EX
Heptane EX Sulfuric acid (0-50%) G
Hydrochloric acid (0-10%) EX Tannic Acid EX
Hydrochloric acid (10-20%) G Toluene G
Kerosene EX Transformer oil EX
Lactic acid (0-10%) G Xylene EX

EX - Suitable for most applications including immersion
G - Suitable for intermittent contact, splashes, etc.

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