FLEXICLAD PC® is a two component, 100% solids, trowelable elastomeric polymer composite that has been specifically formulated to seal vertical expansion joints in concrete as well as other cementitious / mineral substrates including tiles, brick, slate, stone, etc. It also bonds very well to metal and wood surfaces.

FLEXICLAD PC requires no primer, bonds to most rigid substrates and cures at ambient temperatures. It has been specifically designed to resist countless freeze / thaw cycles – stretching to well over 600%. It is excellent for sealing between dissimilar materials which may expand and contract at different rates. It also has very good chemical resistance making it the ideal choice for use in secondary containment areas as well as walls in production areas, loading docks, etc.

FLEXICLAD PC incorporates revolutionary polyaspartic technology for sealing expansion joints where durability and flexibility are uniquely important:

  • Secondary Containment Areas
  • Bulk Transfer Areas
  • Production Room Walls
  • Loading Dock Walls
  • Vertical Joints On Roof Decks
  • Wide Joint Seals

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Technical Data

  • 28 in3 / 460 cc
  • 0.036 lbs per in3 / 1.08 gm per cc
  • Indefinite
  • 100%
Mixing ratio Base Activator
By Volume 5 3
By Weight 5 3

Working Life and Cure Times

Ambient Temperature Working Life Return to Service Full Cure
77°F 25°C 1 hr. 4 hrs. 3 days
86°F 30°C 45 min. 3 hrs. 2 days

Physical Properties

Typical Values Test Method
Hardness - Shore D 60 ASTM D-2240
Elongation 700%   ASTM D-2370
Tensile Shear Adhesion      
Steel 1300 psi   ASTM D-1002
Aluminum 1200 psi   ASTM D-1002
Pull-Off Strength on Concrete 300 psi - (concrete failed ASTM D-4541

Chemical Resistance

Bleach EX Phosphoric Acid (0-5%) G
Ethylene Glycol (0-50%) EX Sodium Hydroxide (0-50%) EX
Gasoline EX Sulfuric Acid (0-10%) EX
Hydrochloric Acid (0-10%) G Sodium Chloride EX

EX - Suitable for most applications including immersion
G - Suitable for intermittent contact, splashes, etc.

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