• Industry Power
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion and Pipe Wrap Systems
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To repair main cooling water pipes

  • Products Used CeramAlloy CL+AC and DurAlloy
  • Status Completed

California Power Plant Salvages Main Cooling Water Inlet Pipes with a CeramAlloy Pipe Wrap System

The engineers at this large power station in California identified a serious problem with their two main cooling water inlet pipes which were severely corroded due to many years of operation in a coastal marine environment.

They did not want to shut down the plant for an expensive and time consuming replacement procedure.

They contacted their local ENECON Fluid Flow Systems Specialist and she recommended repairing and reinforcing these pipes by utilizing a specialized pipe wrap procedure developed by ENECON.

After first grit-blasting these 4-foot diameter pipe sections, any serious corrosion damage – including a number of actual holes in the pipes – was first repaired with DurAlloy and metal plates.

A layer of CeramAlloy CL+AC was then applied over the entire pipe section followed by a spiral wrap of a special reinforcement fabric. This was then completely encapsulated by an additional two layers of CeramAlloy CL+AC to complete the pipe wrap system.

This procedure was completed in just a few days and at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred to replace these large pipe sections.

Project Images