• Industry Power
  • Problem Chemical Attack, Corrosion / Erosion, and Leak repairs
  • Country Cyprus
  • Project Goal

    Seal and Protect from environmental forces by sea

  • Products Used ENESEAL CR and ENESEAL HR
  • Status Completed

This project was assigned to our company beginning of 2018 and has been complete in July the same year. Over 500 sqm of prefabricated containers that were suffering from extreme corrosion and damage from the environmental forces at a local energy plant.
What makes it important is that inside the containers there exist critical components that any leaks may cause damage, adding to cost and downtime.

The corrosion is enhanced from the nearby sea environment together with the fumes from the production making the roofs of these containers a perfect area for the settling. The photos reveal the problem itself.

After serious consideration, ENECON’s ENESEAL CR was chosen to provide an unrivaled protection together with ENESEAL HR.

Our works included:
Cleaning surface
Sealing damaged areas to stop leaks using ENECON’s polymers.
Coating multiple layers two products from the ENESEAL family of polymers by ENECON in order to achieve a long term corrosion free metallic roof.

Products and procedure involved:

ENESEAL CR incorporated with special mesh material to seal holes and damages on the metal roofs.

ENESEAL CR (two coats) for a corrosion free container roof.

ENESEAL HR (two coats) for unrivaled protection from the marine environment and the fume residues from the plant’s chimneys.


ENESEAL CR is a single component, water based, liquid coating which dries to a highly durable, corrosion resistant, elastomeric ‘skin’ that provides extraordinary environmental protection to metal and concrete / masonry surfaces. It can also be applied as a top coat over most zinc primers.

ENESEAL CR is a ‘surface tolerant’ coating system that does not require abrasive blasting. It exhibits excellent adhesion to all types of ferrous metal as well as galvanized surfaces. Mechanical wire brushing, grinding or high pressure water blasting is typically acceptable to achieve good adhesion.

Before Work

Surface preparation