• Industry Power
  • Problem Safety Surfacing
  • Country Canada
  • Project Goal


  • Products Used ENESEAL CR
  • Status Completed

One of the largest power plants in Canada had been experiencing a problem with ice melting and then sliding off the roofs of large oil storage tanks.

Since the roof access stairs of this tank run along-side the tank wall, this created a potential safety concern to power plant employees. The plant engineers called the local ENECON Distributor to inquire about a possible solution to this problem.

It was agreed that a barrier on the tank roof would divert the melting ice away from the critical tank edge. Because these tanks contain oil, however, absolutely no welding could be done to install this barrier. The ENECON Distributor, therefore, used some creative ‘imagineering’ to accomplish this task.

Simple foam swimming toys (noodles) were the perfect diameter and flexibility to create the desired barrier. All preparation and application was done by hand. ENESEAL CR plus a fiberglass reinforcing mesh were then applied over the foam noodle to create a flexible, yet durable barrier. Problem solved!

Before Work


After Work