• Industry Power
  • Problem Masonry Penetrants, Waterproofing, and Moisture
  • Country Cyprus
  • Project Goal

    Protect external walls from moisture and salt

  • Products Used ENSEAL MP
  • Status On Progress

Management for a major wind farm operation in the island of Cyprus, chose our company in order to find a solution with the moisture problems the building kept facing.

Our company was challenged to eliminate moisture on the internal walls, them being the offices as well as the warehouse and storage room.

Prior to proceeding with any works inside the building, we proceeded in sealing and waterproofing all external areas.

The first part of this project had to do with protecting all decorative stones on the walls with ENECON’s ENESEAL MP. Before that, we cleaned all surfaces with pressure clean water so that we remove remaining salt and dirt. We let the walls to dry for 24 hours though we were not worried so much since our ENESEAL products are breathable.

ENESEAL MP repels water and water-born salts by forming an invisible hydrophobic barrier inside the pores of masonry surfaces, and in our case, decorative stones. ENESEAL MP has excellent resistance to UV radiation, is water based and is breathable. This means it allows water vapor to escape from inside the concrete, while reducing the chance of liquid water penetration into the substrate.

The second phase of our project, consists of applying ENECRETE WS both in the bottom external surrounding walls, in order to seal and waterproof the cracked cement.

Third phase includes works on inside walls with ENECRETE WS and this is being on hold in order to make sure we achieved a total sealing on the outside surfaces.