• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Masonry Penetrants, Waterproofing, and Moisture
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    Weather protection for all types of porous surfaces (walls & floors)

  • Products Used ENESEAL MP/HS
  • Status Completed

ENESEAL MP and ENESEAL MP/HS Provide Outstanding Weather Protection On All Types of Cement/Masonry Walls and Floors

Back in 2014, this office building had half of its concrete walkway (furthest from the windows/wall – more exposed to the weather) with ENESEAL MP/HS.

In September 2017, the company had the walkway power washed. 

The last photo is a solid proof that ENESEAL MP/HS is a long lasting solution for waterproofing horizontal surfaces. Notice the unprotected portion (near windows and wall) that soaked up and therefore is darker and wetter.

March, 2018 a photo taken after a very bad rain and wind storm, shows that ENECON’s MP/HS is still protecting the concrete after 5 years!

You will see that the two slabs surrounding our flagpole were not protected and were quickly saturated with water while the area around those two slabs is still being protected by our MP/HS.

We expect this product to provide this business protection for at least until 2020!

Just one application of ENESEAL MP (for walls) & ENESEAL MP/HS (for floors/horizontal surfaces) can protect all types of cement and masonry surfaces for up to 8 – 10 years depending on the exposure conditions, i.e. rural, industrial, coastal, etc. ENESEAL MP & ENESEAL MP/HS repel water and water-borne salts by forming an invisible hydrophobic barrier inside the pores of masonry surfaces. These breathable products allow water vapor to escape from inside the concrete, while reducing the chance of liquid water penetration into the substrate. They are designed to work with all types of materials, including concrete, stone, brick, block, clay tile, mortar, cement and other masonry surfaces. UV resistance increases protection from sun damage, creating a complete WEATHER RESISTANT BARRIER. By penetrating masonry surfaces to depths of up to ¾ inch, both of these unique ENESEAL materials will not wear away during extreme weather conditions or from foot traffic on horizontal surfaces.

Project Images