• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Waterproofing
  • Country Cyprus
  • Project Goal

    Our company was entrusted to accomplish the waterproofing of a glass dome that suffered from water infiltration through its joints when it rained. Water was also going through the base perimeter of the dome which had failed in adhesion creating further waterproofing issues.

    Our goal here was to provide a long-term waterproofing solution for the joints as well as any other possible way of water penetration (like the base) using advanced materials.

  • Products Used ENESEAL CR
  • Status Completed

We knew from the beginning that we were in for a challenge here. Being a glass dome with so many joints coupled with the extreme heat conditions in the island, there was no doubt that we should use materials with high flexibility and UV resistance. Also, the adhesion properties on the glass and asphaltic membrane had to be taken into consideration as well.

Prior to commencing, all safety precautions were considered, including five-point harnesses for the installers.

The procedure included in short:
1. Remove where possible and/or sanded and cleaned with acetone the existing material.
2. Application of high-performance sealing materials with excellent adhesion to glass and asphaltic membrane.
3. Finally, multiple coats of ENESEAL CR elastomer polymer composite, incorporating fiber mesh where needed.


Replacing material with high performance materials and finishing off with ENESEAL CR

Replacing asphaltic membrane on the perimeter base with ENESEAL CR