• Industry General Industry
  • Problem Chemical Attack and Concrete Repair
  • Country Russia
  • Project Goal

    To repair the concrete and protect it from chemicals

  • Products Used CHEMCLAD SC, DuraQuartz, and ENECLAD CFS
  • Status Completed

Russian chemical processing facility repairs containment area with ENECLAD, ENECRETE & CHEMCLAD

Problem: Concrete in secondary containment areas for ammonia and sodium hydroxide storage tanks were deteriorating from corrosion due to exposure to these chemicals. The area spanned over 6,500 sq ft and the facility needed a cost effective, durable solution.

Solution: After preparing the area, all the missing concrete, cracks and holes were repaired with ENECRETE DuraQuartz. The entire area was then coated with ENECLAD CFS (Clear Floor Sealer). Finally, 2 coats of CHEMCLAD SC were applied to provide the chemical resistance this area was in need of.

Project Images