• Industry Power
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion and Pipe Wrap Systems
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To repair main cooling water intake pipe

  • Products Used CeramAlloy CL+AC and SuperBond
  • Status Completed

Major Power Plant Located in the Northeastern U.S. Selects CeramAlloy Pipe Wrap System to Repair this Main Cooling Water Intake Pipe

The maintenance engineers at this large oil fired power plant needed an unconventional approach to repairing and reinforcing a damaged section on one of their main cooling water intake pipes.

They could not shut down the plant for an extended replacement procedure and they were concerned that a conventional welding repair could damage the pipe further since it was already worn thin by years of erosion and corrosion attack in the brackish water environment.

They turned to their ENECON North East Engineering Team who recommended an ENECON Pipe Wrap System to tackle this problem.

After preparing the surface by grinding and wire brushing, SuperBond was applied to insure optimum adhesion. This was followed by the application of multi layers of CeramAlloy and special reinforcement cloth to completely encapsulate this pipe section, thus providing a long-term repair. This $10,000 project took just a couple of days to complete.

Before Work