• Industry General Industry
  • Problem Concrete Repair
  • Country Poland
  • Project Goal

    To repair and protect heavy traffic area

  • Products Used DuraFill and ENECLAD CFS
  • Status Completed

Laboratory safety is one of the most important concerns for pharmaceutical companies, research facilities, food companies, government facilities, skin care manufacturers, chemical producers and hundreds of other industries and organizations around the world. Having cracked or uneven floors can create hazards that are dangerous and unacceptable.

The floors at this Polish laboratory were cracked, crumbling and an overall safety and tripping hazard due to their exposure to material transport carts, enduring forces up to 10 tons per square meter. The team at ENECON Poland was contacted to help find a solution for over 6,000 sq. ft. of problematic floor area.

The floors were first ground, and then repaired using ENECRETE DuraFill with locally sourced aggregate. DuraFill, with two liberal broadcasts of a blue aggregate, was then applied to provide slip resistance properties. Finally, in order to create a highly durable yet smooth finish, three coats of ENECLAD CFS were applied on top of the aggregate.

These floors are now durable for the material transport carts and will provide years of safe working conditions for the laboratory employees.

Before Work

After Work