• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion
  • Country Mexico
  • Project Goal

    To reconditioned and protected all the tank walls, drains and loading areas

  • Products Used CeramAlloy CL+AC, CHEMCLAD SC, and ENESEAL CR
  • Status Completed

These flotation tanks and equipment were not in use for over 7 years. The mining company, one of the largest in Mexico, wanted to recondition this equipment and put these 16 flotation tanks back in service quickly as well as cost effectively.

The local ENECON Distributor in the region recommended that ENESEAL CR be used to protect all the exterior surfaces of the tanks as well as all the support steelwork to protect these from future corrosion attack.

Internally, all the tank walls, drains and loading areas were reconditioned and protected with CHEMCLAD SC.

CeramAlloy CL+AC was also used to repair and protect all areas subject to very severe erosion / corrosion conditions.

The entire cost of this project was over $3 MILLION USD which included some structural welding in a number of critical areas.

This project was completed over one year ago and recent inspections have confirmed that there has been no corrosion or wear issues during this time. The plant engineers are extremely happy with these results.

Project Images