• Industry Oil/Gas/Petrochemical
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion and Cavitation
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Project Goal

    Repair & Protection

  • Products Used CeramAlloy CP+AC, DurAlloy, DuraTough DL, and DuraTough DP
  • Status Completed

The process engineer contacted ENECON UK to see if they could help repair this large split case pump, which was suffering from cavitation damage. The damage was so severe that the top casing had been holed right through, resulting in a very inefficient pump performance. The engineers had tried a number of well known repair materials without success and based on our previous work at the refinery on successfully repairing a smaller split case pump with serious cavitation damage, decided that they needed a more sophisticated approach to repairing this pump.

The first problem to solve was the holed casing. Steel plates shaped to fit over the hole and the profile of the outside casing were manufactured and the area completely cleaned and ground to remove all previous coating and any contamination. The prepared area and the plates were then “buttered” with DurAlloy and the plates applied over the hole using the DurAlloy as a glue/sealer. ( Tests using DurAlloy to patch pipes with steel plates showed that the repair would withstand pressures of over 3000psi without disbanding).

Once the hole had been repaired and the adjacent area of the pump secured with similar plates and DurAlloy combination the internal cut waters and damaged metal was repaired and rebuilt. Mechanical supports were added where appropriate to support the CeramAlloy CP+[AC] paste rebuild.

Finally once the internal structures had been rebuilt these same structures were then protected from cavitation damage by using the DuraTough system. The areas were filled with DuraTough DPpaste and then over-coated with two coats of DuraTough DL.

Before Work

After Cleaning

After Work