• Industry General Industry
  • Problem Chemical Attack, Corrosion / Erosion, and Safety Surfacing
  • Country Australia
  • Project Goal

    To rebuild and protect

  • Products Used CeramAlloy CL+AC, CeramAlloy CP+AC, and CHEMCLAD XC
  • Status Completed

These photos are of a pump from a gold mine which was repaired by an ENECON Fluid Flow Systems Specialist in Australia. The pump was running in 15% Hydrochloric acid and, as you can see, it has been attacked from the outside as well as the inside! The replacement cost of the pump casing is $900 but with a 6-8 week delivery. The life expectancy of a new casing was approximately 12 months. This pump casing was repaired using CeramAlloy CP+ and CL+, and CHEMCLAD XC, at a total cost of $1,200.

The entire repair took just 24 hours. The customer was happy to pay $300 more than a replacement casing since it would now be protected from both the inside and the outside from future attack and the turnaround time involved.

Project Images