• Industry Water/Waste water/Desalination
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion
  • Country Cyprus
  • Project Goal


  • Products Used ENESEAL CR
  • Status Completed

These power transformers for a local desalination plant in Cyprus suffered from corrosion mainly due to the proximity of the plant to the sea environment.

We were assigned to eliminate corrosion and extend the transformer life to the max with the most cost effective solution.

For the purpose of this we will use one of our finest materials ENESEAL CR (light gray) a corrosion resistant, flexible coating.

After cleaning with light pressurized water (sensitive structure / thin metal), we applied minimum four (4) coats of our ENESEAL CR using an airless spray gun. The finishing was outstanding!

ENESEAL CR is a UV resistant, liquid elastomeric coating system which dries to a highly durable, seamless, weather resistant, protective ‘skin’. It is a single component, water based, liquid coating which dries to a highly durable, corrosion resistant, elastomeric ‘skin’ that provides extraordinary environmental protection to metal and concrete / masonry surfaces. It can also be applied as a top coat over most zinc primers.

ENESEAL CR is a ‘surface tolerant’ coating system that does not require abrasive blasting. It exhibits excellent adhesion to all types of ferrous metal as well as galvanized surfaces. Mechanical wire brushing, grinding or high pressure water blasting is typically acceptable to achieve good adhesion.

After Cleaning

After Work