• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion and Concrete Repair
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To repair sewage pump bases

  • Products Used DuraFill and ENESEAL CR
  • Status Completed

ENECRETE Repairs Sewage Pump Bases

A wastewater treatment facility in Florida contacted their local ENECON Field Engineering Specialist for a solution to their crumbling pump bases. These bases support vertical centrifugal sewage pumps that cannot be out of service for longer than one week.

In addition to lack of true support, the crumbling bases also caused severe vibration. This lead to premature failure of the pump’s bearings systems. The facility needed an immediate and economical solution.

With no time to let a traditional concrete repair cure, ENECRETE DuraFill was selected. DuraFill has high compressive and flexural strength along with outstanding adhesion to the existing substrate.

All loose material was removed from the bases and the surrounding area. The areas were vacuumed and formers were built. Bolt accuracy had to be within 1/4 of an inch in order for the pump to be properly placed.

The Durafill was mixed with a locally sourced pebble aggregate. After the bases had cured, they were coated with ENESEAL CR.

The project was completed to the facility engineer’s satisfaction on time and under budget and well within the mandated D.E.P. permit guidelines.

Project Images