• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Concrete Repair
  • Country Costa Rica
  • Project Goal

    To repair cracked concrete floors

  • Products Used DuraFill
  • Status Completed

A facility should repair any concrete floor cracks they have in a timely manner. These “minor” issues can cause tripping hazards and the damage area can increase in size if moisture, continuous wear, or chemicals are present.

After 20 years of bearing excess weight, along with several other factors, the concrete flooring of eight different Costa Rica warehouses were experiencing severe concrete floor cracking. Cracking is one of the most common issue top cause in the concrete industry, luckily ENECON can prescribe a solution for concrete crack issues.

For this project ENECRETE DuraFill, mixed with locally sourced quartz sand, would be optimal for filling the concrete cavities. The quartz sand is ideal due to its hardness and weather resistant properties.

To begin, all cracks were mechanically opened up with a grinding wheel. The loose debris was vacuumed up to make sure the surface was free of any dust. The DuraFill and quartz sand mixture were then poured into the cracks. Before the DuraFill was finally cured, it was seamlessly sanded down to level the floor.

This project was approximately $85,000, but still saved the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars in new concrete flooring costs.

Project Images