• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Safety Surfacing and Heavy traffic
  • Country Cyprus
  • Project Goal

    To adhere to metal and level surface

  • Products Used DuraFill
  • Status Completed

Project Description

Leveling part of escalator can by tricky!

A multinational company required our services for one of their units in Cyprus. Apparently, the metal surface at one end of the electric escalator (where visitors use to enter the main building), had become uneven due to much weight and repeated traffic where thousands of people use on a daily basis.

Client was looking for a material that could bond to metal and could be finished to perfection in order to create all detailed edges required. Also the new surface had to be rough and thus non-slippery. Since that metal part was regularly opened by the maintenance for checking the mechanics of the escalator we had to be careful not to bond to the sides and also leave a small hole in the middle in order for the special opening key to be inserted to pull the surface up.

We offered our DuraFill high performance polymer by ENECON mixed with fine colored aggregate.


Clean well surface with aceton.

Make sure surface is dry and free from oils.

Prime area with DuraFill 2 component using a brush.

Apply mixture of DuraFill and fine colored aggregate to the surface pressing and adjusting to desired shape.

Job done in 45 minutes saving the client from worrying possible injuries of clients fromm tripping.


Project Images