• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    Eliminate Corrosion

  • Products Used ENESEAL CR
  • Status Completed

A downtown Seattle office building has these large cooling towers on top of galvanized support beams. The beams were corroding due to the environmental conditions in which cooling towers historically operate.

The support beams pictured had been painted with a “high-quality” marine paint just one year prior to this project taking place. The previously applied paint was already peeling off due to the prior coatings’ inability to bond to the galvanized surface of the support beams.

The beams were first prepared by pressure washing and then hand grinding was used to remove any remaining paint and rust. Once the surface was properly prepared, two coats of ENESEAL CR, tinted to a custom gray color, were applied to provide long term corrosion resistance.

This turnkey project not only saved this facility thousands of dollars in short-term cost but it will protect these valuable assets for many years to come.

Project Images