• Industry Food and Beverage
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion
  • Country Malta
  • Project Goal

    To reduces mineral scale problem with ENEFLOW

  • Products Used ENEFLOW
  • Status Completed

Leading Hotel in Malta Reduces Mineral Scale Problem with ENEFLOW

A local dealer for ENECON Italia in Malta, recently completed a long-term test with ENEFLOW at a major international hotel chain. ENEFLOW was installed on multiple water lines that were experiencing significant mineral scale problems.

They recorded a 38% reduction in the thickness of scale in the clarifier check valve – 74% of the overall reduction in scale took place in the first 56 days.

Significant improvements were also seen in the dishwasher lines.

Congratulations to ENECON Italia and their dealer in Malta on this outstanding ENEFLOW installation!

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