• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Leak repairs and Roofs
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To protect Wastewater Treatment Facility with ENESEAL HR

  • Products Used ENESEAL HR
  • Status Completed

Wastewater Treatment Facility Located in the Pacific Northwest Protects Digester Roof Insulation With ENESEAL HR

Brien Neill, ENECON’s Vice President for Western Operations, provided the following report:

“Over the years, the insulation on the plant’s dig esters had been compromised in a number of areas and was becoming saturated with water. As a result, it was deteriorating at an accelerated rate and was diminishing the efficiency of their operating unit. If a solution was not provided, the insulation would have continued to deteriorate and would have eventually needed to be replaced – a very costly procedure, as you can imagine.

Consequently, the plant’s Wastewater Treatment Supervisor elected to take a ‘proactive’ preventive maintenance approach and utilize ENESEAL HR to protect the insulation – at a fraction of the cost of replacing the insulation if it had been allowed to continue to deteriorate.

The on-site staff of the wastewater treatment plant applied the ENESEAL themselves and are extremely satisfied with it’s performance.”

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