• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Chemical Attack, Structural Adhesives, and Leak repairs
  • Country Cyprus
  • Project Goal

    Seal leaks in swimming pool

  • Products Used SuperBond
  • Status Completed

This swimming pool experienced many leaks and after emptying, client wanted to find a suitable material that would bond permanently any loose surface thus stopping any leaks. We used almost 12 kilos of SuperBond and in a very short time, pool was ready for reuse without any leaks. SuperBond has extreme bonding capabilities and also great chemical resistance.

ENECLAD SuperBond is a revolutionary structural adhesive that provides unrivaled performance when bonding a new concrete overlay to an existing, cured concrete surface or when bonding synthetic/plastic mortars to virtually any rigid surface. When used to bond new concrete to old, the strength of the resultant bond is many times greater than that of monolithic concrete! For more information about ENECLAD SuperBond please visit: ENECLAD SuperBond