• Industry Facilities Maintenance
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion and Steel Protection
  • Country United States
  • Project Goal

    To solve a very severe corrosion problem

  • Products Used CHEMCLAD SC
  • Status Completed

ENECON’s Engineering Team Provides Professional Turn-Key Solution to a Severe Corrosion Problem at U.S. Air Force Base.

Who did the facilities engineers turn to at this Air Force Base to solve a very severe corrosion problem in one of their hangars? ENECON.. of course!

The U.S. Air Force’s performance requirements were very stringent: total HAZ-MAT control due to the potential of lead in the existing paint system…environmentally contained grit blasting for surface preparation…and the installation of the best chemical resistant cladding system possible to protect the steel work from future problems.

They wanted to repair and protect the bottom portions of these steel columns which traditionally suffer from the most aggressive corrosion problems associated with de-icing salts as well as aggressive chemicals used to clean bird droppings.

Matt Goldberg, SalesDirector of the Mid Atlantic Region, assured the U.S. Air Force that CHEMCLAD SC would be the ideal product to provide long-term performance in this application. Matt also confirmed that ENECON could provide the most responsive, professional and cost effective turnkey project management services to successfully complete this unique repair project.

The project was successfully completed in just one week and the Air Force Base is extremely pleased with the results.

Project Images