Operations Manager, The Mall Of Cyprus

Located at the Shacolas Emporium Park, the Mall of Cyprus is a modern shopping complex hosting an attractive mix of retail stores and international clothing, apparel as well as food & beverage brands. It is widely recognized as the top retail and entertainment destination in Cyprus with over 6 million visitors per year.

Repairing and maintaining our buildings and structures has always been in our top priorities, in order to be able to provide our visitors with superb experience in a safe environment.

Since 2016, ENECON Mesogios Ltd has been providing us with solutions to some of our most challenging cases. The products used by the company are of top quality and the crew is always willing to go a step further in order to meet our demands. Concrete repairs, Metal corrosion protection, Waterproofing, Moisture, Heavy traffic are some of the issues addressed. We would strongly recommend ENECON Mesogios for their technical skills and quality products used.


Structural - Civil Engineers, Cyprus

Since 2008, Andreas Theodotou L.L.C. , has been providing consulting Civil Engineer services in Cyprus. We have worked on many occasions with ENECON Mesogios team and we can certainly state that the service provided is top-rated and the products used are of high performance. Roof waterproofing, concrete repairs and protection, moisture are amongst the issues tackled during our cooperation. We would strongly recommend this company and its products for either new building structures or existing that require renovation.