• Industry Telecommunication / Aviation
  • Problem High Temperature
  • Country Colombia
  • Project Goal


  • Products Used CeramAlloy HTL
  • Status Completed

A major corrugated carton manufacturer in Colombia was faced with the issue of having to resurface their production rollers every 30 days.

If roller diameters get too low, they need to be replaced entirely. ENECON Colombia was asked to help find a solution to this problem by repairing two ‘test’ rollers. The rollers operate at a potential maximum temperature of 302°F/150°C. The rollers were prepared by grit blasting.

Two coats of CeramAlloy HTL were then applied to completely resurface the rollers. Each roller requires 4kg of CeramAlloy HTL.  Previous repair methods of metalizing would cost $3,000USD per roller. ENECON’s CeramAlloy HTL cost half the price.

Additionally, the ENECON solution cut maintenance time of these rollers significantly.  Each production machine contains 70 rollers. This particular factory has 12 machines.  The maintenance engineers of this factory were so pleased with the results, more roller repairs will take place in the future.

Project Images