• Industry Power
  • Problem Leak repairs and Safety Surfacing
  • Country Germany
  • Project Goal

    Resurface & Protection

  • Products Used CHEMCLAD XC, DurAlloy, and DuraWrap
  • Status Completed

A major power station in Bavaria had a serious issue with these two 60 year old Francis turbine casings. They were in very poor condition – structurally compromised and leaking.

ENECON Germany were called in to see if they could refurbish these casings which weighed about 2 tons each. The power station engineers were worried that due to metal fatigue, the casings would no longer be able to withstand the operating pressures and, at some point, they could fail causing catastrophic damage to the turbine.

The casings were gritblasted and then METALCAD DurAlloy was used to seal the leaks and rebuild all the metal back to the original thickness, shape and contour.

The METLACLAD DuraWrap system was then applied on the interior of the turbine casings in order to reinforce and restore their structural integrity. CHEMCLAD XC was applied over the DuraWrap to provide a smooth surface finish in order to restore/improve the components’ efficiency.

Project Images