• Industry Marine
  • Problem Corrosion / Erosion
  • Country Croatia
  • Project Goal

    To repair the erosion / corrosion damage

  • Products Used CeramAlloy CL+AC and CeramAlloy CP+AC
  • Status Completed

The propeller shafts on this Croatian Naval ship were suffering from severe erosion / corrosion in the areas around the struts and before the propellers. This was due to many years of operation in a harsh salt water environment.

Previously applied epoxy coatings had failed and the ship’s engineer was looking for a long lasting, cost effective solution.

ENECON Croatia was contacted and it was recommended that a combination of CeramAlloy CP+AC and CL+AC be used to repair the existing erosion / corrosion damage and to protect against future damage.

After first grit blasting the damaged areas, a layer of CeramAlloy CP+AC was applied to rebuild the damaged areas. Two final coats of CeramAlloy CL+AC were then applied.

The ship’s engineers were pleased with the cost and speed of this application and other applications on similar ships have already been approved.

Project Images